Work in Progress

Gunnar Gunnarsson, writer

Júlíus Kemp

Shortly before the Swedish Academy was to announce the winner of the Nobel prize in literature in 1955 the Icelandic novelist Gunnar Gunnarsson received a telegram from his publisher in Sweden asking to send him a portrait and a short biography ASAP. It seemed apparent that Gunnar was about to be handed this prestigious honour. But was he?

Original title: Gunnar Gunnarsson, rithöfundur
English title: Gunnar Gunnarsson, writer.

Director: Júlíus Kemp
Screenwriter: Sigurgeir Orri Sigurgeirsson
Producers: Ingvar Þórðarson, Júlíus Kemp

Production company: The Icelandic Film Company

Production format: HF
Shooting scheduled to begin: 2018
Contact: Júlíus Kemp (