Work in Progress

The story behind history

Marteinn Þórsson

Jóhann Sigmarsson is an artist who has come from the world of movie making to furniture design and sculpturing. Through his work in the Eqatorial Memeorial Project his followed and exposed until the opening of his exposition in UNESCO headquarters

Original title: Sagan á bakvið söguna
English title: The story behind history

Director: Marteinn Þórsson
Script: Marteinn Þórsson
Producer: Fahad Jabali
Coproducers: Egill Ödegaard, Katharina Körner Riffard, Ksenija Zapadeneceva.

Editor: Marteinn Þórsson
Music: Birgir Sigurðsson
Sound design: Árni Gústafsson

Production company: Oktober Productions ehf.
Coproduction comopany: Filmhuset