Work in Progress

The Egg

Haukur Björgvinsson

Gunnar and Anna live in a small society that revolves around eliminating heartbreak by making sure that each member of the community is allocated a new spouse every 7 years by participating in a compulsory love lottery or else be banished to stay in a large black egg until the next rotation takes place. A life without heartbreak may sound like heaven on earth but the dystopian reality of the situation is clear to Gunnar and Anna when they fall madly in love and the lottery becomes a nightmare.

Original title: Eggið
English title: The Egg

Director: Haukur Björgvinsson
Script: Haukur Björgvinsson
Producers: Tinna Proppé, Haukur Björgvinsson
Coproducers: Kjartan Þór Þórðarson, Hilmar Sigurðsson

Production company: Reykjavík Rocket
Coproduction company: Sagafilm
Production format: Arri Alexa Digital
Shooting scheduled to begin: 11. ágúst 2020

Contact: Haukur Björgvinsson -, Tinna Proppé -