Work in Progress

The Wish

Inga Lísa Middleton

Karen, a 9 year old Icelander has always wanted to meet her London based actor father. Having fantasied about him for years, she realizes when they meet that he’s perhaps not the father that she had wished for. This uncomfortable experience gives Karen both the strength and confidence to tackle the local bullies.

Original title: Óskin
English title: The Wish
Genre: Drama/Family

Director: Inga Lísa Middleton
Screenwriter: Inga Lísa Middleton
Producers: Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson, Skúli Fr. Malmquist, Augustin Hardy
Coproducer: Sam Ainsworth

Production company: Fenrir Films
Coproduction company: La Paz Films, Zik Zak

Production country: Iceland
Scheduled premiere: 2019
Production format: HD
Screening formats: DCP

Contact: Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson,