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Hlynur Pálmason

A story of ambition, religion, family, and revenge set in the 19th century. A Danish priest travels to Iceland with a mission to build a church and photograph the people amidst an unforgiving landscape. While fulfilling his duties an unlikely romance and a savagery feud push him into temptation.

Title: Volaða land
English title: Godland

Director: Hlynur Pálmason
Script: Hlynur Pálmason
Producers: Anton Máni Svansson, Katrin Pors 
Coproducers: Mimmi Spång, Didar Domehri
Production companies: Join Motion Pictures, Snowglobe 
Coproduction companies: Garage Films, Maneki Films

Shooting format: 35mm film
Scheduled shoot to begin: May 2021
Contact: Anton Máni Svansson -