Work in Progress


Marteinn Thórsson

Una’s young son disappeared years ago and is presumed dead. After Una survives a suicide attempt, a sinister creature appears, and Una starts to live a parallel story that happened a hundred years ago, a story of another Una, a story of rape, violence, and murder.

Original title: Una
English title: Recurrence 
Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Director: Marteinn Thórsson
Screenwriters: Óttar M. Nordfjörd, Marteinn Thórsson
Producer: Gudrún Edda Thórhannesdóttir
Coproducers: Gunnar Carlsson, Christian Riffard
Production company: DUO Productions
Coproduction companies: Anagram, Frozen Frogs

Production format: HD
Shooting scheduled to begin: spring 2019

Contact: Gudrún Edda Thórhannesdóttir (