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Summerlight and then comes the Night

Elfar Aðalsteins

The Village is brimming with stories and if you listen carefully we might tell you a few: of the Manager who dreams in Latin and leaves his promising carrier for Astronomy and old books, of a near translucent boy who carves out and paints moorland birds, of an open-air affair in the country and a big rock that is chiselled to dust.

Original title: Sumarljós og svo kemur nóttin
English title: Summerlight and then comes the Night
Genre: Drama

Director: Elfar Aðalsteins
Script: Elfar Aðalsteins
Producers:Elfar Adalsteins, Lilja Snorradóttir, Heather Millard, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson
Executive producers: Sigurjón Sighvatsson, Snorri Þórisson

Production Company: Berserk Films, Pegasus Pictures
Production format: Arri Alexa
Schedule shoot: February 2020

Contact: Lilja Snorradóttir -