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Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson

Thirty-two-year-old Anna is released from a Polish prison after serving fifteen years for homicide. Finally free, Anna has only one goal, but to achieve it she must break parole, break the law, sacrifice everything, and head on an unforeseen journey to the remote island of Iceland. 

Title: Wolka
English title: Wolka

Director: Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson
Script: Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson, Michal Godzic
Producers: Hilmar Sigurðsson, Steinarr Logi Nesheim, Kidda Rokk, Stanislaw Dziedzic

Production Company: Sagafilm
Coproduction Company: Film Produckcja

Shooting format: Arri Alexa
Scheduled shoot: Autum 2020

Contact: Hilmar Sigurðsson -