Work in Progress

Eat, Grow, Love

Thórdur Jónsson, Heather Millard

We often ask ourselves, What can I do to contribute to a more sustainable society? The filmmakers travel around the world in search of answers to this question. They discover six individuals, each living in very different climates, that are exploring how the principles of permaculture can lead to sustainability.

Original title: Borða, rækta, elska
English title: Eat, Grow, Love
Directors / Screenwriters: Thórdur Jónsson, Heather Millard
Producers: Thórdur Jónsson, Heather Millard
Directors of photography: Thórdur Jónsson, Susan Muska, Anthony Rodriguez, Bashar Zarour, Hashemi Seyed Habib, Pancho Colladetti
Editor: Thórunn Hafstad
Music: Örn Eldjárn
Production company: Compass Films,
Production country: Iceland
Scheduled release: 2017
Length: 56 min. / 88 min.
Screening format: DCP