Work in Progress

Iceland FC

Róbert Douglas

A look at the culture behind English football in Iceland, how 80% of Icelandic men support a team from another country, the fans that travel from Iceland to watch their favourite teams play every season. The documentary examines how this passion can affect the everyday life of the family, workplace and to what extent the fans go to in order to follow their teams around Europe.

Original title: Ísland FC (working title)
English title: Iceland FC

Director / Screenwriter: Róbert Douglas
Producer: Ásta Briem
Coproducer: Arnar Knútsson
Editors: Ásta Briem, Ósk Gunnlaugsdóttir
Cinematographer: Bjarni Gríms, Albert Kodagolian, Róbert Douglas, Ásta Briem
Production company: Filmus

Country: Iceland
Language: Icelandic
Screening format: DV-PAL
Production format: HDV
Film gauge/aspect ratio: 16:9