Work in Progress

In stitches

Nicos Argillet

Tinna is an Icelandic textile fanatic on a Nordic adventure to meet the most traditional, most beautiful, and most contemporary textile artists she can find. With the help of expert contributors, she uncovers the modern art being created using age-old techniques, while celebrating the beauty in our traditional crafts.

Title: Baðstofan
English title: In stitches
Language: Icelandic, English

Director: Nicos Argillet
Script: Heather Millard
Producers: Heather Millard, Thórdur Jónsson
Coproducer: Federico Delpero Bejar

Director of photography: Nicos Argillet, Stephane Correa
Editor: Federico Delpero Bejar
Sound design: Peter Bo Rappmund

Production company: Compass Films
Contact: Heather Millard -
Country: Iceland

Scheduled premiere: 2020
Length: 58' / 70' / 3x23'
Screening format: DCP