Work in Progress

Love is Simply Love

Björn B. Björnsson

This film tells the story of Johanna Sigurdardottir, the world's first openly lesbian prime minister, and her secret relationship with her spouse Jonina Leosdottir. A relationship that became world famous when Johanna became prime minister of Iceland after the crash in 2008. We also follow the two of them to conferences around the world where Johanna talks about conditions of gay people around the world.

Original title: Ást er bara ást
English title: Love is Simply Love

Director / Screenwriter: Björn B. Björnsson
Producer: Björn B. Björnsson
Director of photography: Tómas Marshall
Editor: Björn B. Björnsson
Music: Tryggvi Baldvinsson
Production company: Reykjavík films
Supported by: Icelandic Film Centre

Production country: Iceland
Scheduled premiere: Spring 2018
Length: 30 - 40 min.
Production format: HD
Screening format: HD