Work in Progress

New Hands

Örn Marinó Arnarsson, Thorkell Hardarson

A man who lost his hands in an accident, gets a new pair from a deceased person. It may sound like science-fiction from Hollywood - but this is reality. Gudmundur Felix Gretarsson (b.1974) lost both his arms in an accident while working with high voltage. After a series of operations and infections, the doctors decided to surgically remove the remaining stubs.

Original title:  Nýjar hendur
English title:
 New Hands

Directors: Örn Marínó Arnarsson, Thorkell Hardarson
  Thorkell Hardarson, Örn Marínó Arnarsson
Producers: Gudbergur Davídsson, Thorkell Hardarson
Editors: Thorkell Hardarson, Örn Marínó Arnarsson
Cinematography: Thorkell Hardarson, Örn Marínó Arnarsson, Gudbergur Davídsson
Production company:  Ljósop, Markell
International sales and distribution: Spier Films, Heather Millard
National sales and distribution:  Ljósop, Markell
Secured funding:  Icelandic Film Centre
Contact info:, tel +354 820-8260

Production country:  Iceland
Languages:  Icelandic, French, English
Sound: Stereo
Production format: HDCam
Aspect ratio: 16/9
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