Work in Progress

Woods Grew Here Once

Ádís Thoroddsen

The film tells the story about the forest in Iceland, its deforestation and forestry. The timeline goes from the Miocene time that made the brown coal sediments, through the settlement of Iceland, to the present time when the importance of reforesting to avoid further climate change becomes ever more clearer. The storytellers in the film are scientists, scholars, foresters and farmers. 

Original title: Milli fjalls og fjöru
English title: Woods Grew Here Once

Director: Ádís Thoroddsen
Script: Ásdís Thoroddsen
Producer: Ásdís Thoroddsen
Director of photography: Pavel Filkov
Editior: Ásdís Thoroddsen, ráðgjafi Valdís Óskarsdóttir
Music: Hildigunnar Rúnarsdóttir
Sound design: Hallur INgólfsson

Production company: Gjóla

Lenght: 83 min
Production format: HD
Screening format: DCP
Production country: Ísland

Contact: Ásdís Thoroddsen