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  • AgnesCho

Agnes Joy

Silja Hauksdóttir

Rannveig is experiencing burnout in all aspects of her mundane suburban life. She’s stuck with a job she hates and a marriage that is slowly dying. On top of that, she’s constantly fighting with her rebellious daughter, Agnes, and can’t face the possibility of Agnes growing up and leaving her behind. When a new neighbor, Hreinn, shows up at their doorstep, Rannveig and family face new challenges that are beyond their control. 

Title: Hæ, hó Agnes Joy
English Title: Agnes Joy
Genre: Drama

Director: Silja Hauksdóttir
Screenwriters: Silja Hauksdóttir, Rannveig Jónsdóttir, Jóhanna Friðrika Sæmundsdóttir
Producer: Birgitta Björnsdóttir, Rannveig Jónsdóttir
Coproducers: Mikael Torfason, Guðbjörg Sigurðardóttir
Cast: Katla Margrét Thorgeirsdóttir, Donna Cuz, Thorsteinn Bachmann, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson

Production company:
 Vintage Picture
Length: 95 min
Contact: Birgitta Björnsdóttir -