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  • Shadow town


Jón Gústafsson

Maya inherits an old house on the dark side of Reykjavík but decides to sell it. When she goes to Iceland to close the sale, her ancestors start sending her angry messages. She decides to postpone the sale but the buyer gets frustrated and starts playing on Maya's weaknesses. A battle of ghosts and greed ensues, in which family secrets are revealed and lives are endangered. Maya's ancestors try to save her but in the end she must learn to save herself.

Title: Skuggahverfið
English Title: Shadowtown
Genre: Drama

Director: Jón Gústafsson
Screenwriter: Jón Gústafsson og Karolina Lewicka
Producer: Hlín Jóhannesdóttir
Coproducer: Leif Bristow 
Director of photography: Kristin Fieldhouse
Cast: Brittany Bristow, Kolbeinn Arnbjörnsson
Costume design: Elín Reynisdóttir

Production company:
 Artio Films
Coproduction company: Leif Films, Ursus Parvus
Production format:
Contact: Hlín Jóhannesdóttir,

Country: Iceland/Canada
Length: 90 min
Production format: DCP
Scheduled premiere: 2019