Work in Progress


After being the victim of revenge porn, 17-year-old Chloe decides to enter a Bikini Fitness competition in order to change her image. But once at the competition she realises that her slutty image will be difficult to shed. How far will she go to redefine herself and regain control?

Original title: CUT
English title: CUT
Genre: Drama

Director/Screenwriter: Eva Sigurdardóttir
Producers: Eva Sigurdardóttir, Alexandra Blue
Coproducer: Katie Hodgkin

Production company:Askja Films, Bluebird Productions
Coproducton companies: SKOT Productions, Vault Films
Cast: Katie Atkins, Megan Prescott, Marlon G Day
Production format: HD Digital

Production countries: UK, Iceland
Length: 18 min. 
Screening format: DCP
Contact: Eva Sigurdardóttir,, T: +354 823 0004