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Hannes Þór Arason

Gríma is the newly crowned Miss Iceland with her life seemingly firmly on track. But after a sudden misstep, Gríma is forced to take a hard look at herself and decide what kind of person she really is.

Original title: Ungfrú Ísland
English title: Miss Iceland
Genre: Psychological Drama

Director: Hannes Þór Arason
Screenwriter: Hannes Þór Arason
Producers: Birgitta Björnsdóttir, Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson og Hannes Þór Arason
Coproducer: Jóhann G Jóhannsson, Guido Marranci og John Sommerville
Director of photography: Gunnar Auðunn Jóhannsson
Editor: Jacob Doforno
Music: Júníus Meyvant
Cast: María Thelma Smáradóttir, Jóhann G. Jóhannsson
Production company: Vintage Pictures
Coproduction company: Fígúra, Fenrir Films
Contact: Birgitta Björnsdóttir  -

Secured funding: Icelandic Film Centre, Youth in Action
Production country: Iceland
Scheduled premiere: 2017
Production format: Arri Alexa
Screening formats: DCP