Work in Progress

No Ghosts

Ragnar Snorrason

When Ruth, an eight-year-old whose brother has recently died, is asked to play Hide and Seek at a friend's birthday party, she does exactly that.
In an effort to understand her loss, she hides away from the party and seeks out her brother's ghost.

Original title: Engir draugar
English title: No Ghosts
Genre: Drama

Director / Screenwriter: Ragnar Snorrason
Producers: Heidar Mar Björnsson, Egill Arnar Sigurthórsson
Director of photography: Magnús Atli Magnússon
Editor: Sigurdur Kristinn Ómarsson
Music: Hans Pjetursson, Vigri
Cast: Lísbet Freyja Ýmisdóttir, Jóel Thór Jóhannsson,
Sindri Birgisson, María Dalberg
Production company: Muninn
Contact: Heidar Mar Björnsson,

Iceland, 2017, 16 min, DCP