Work in Progress


Bragi Thór Hinriksson

Jón, an ambitious 17-year-old, helps support
his family by working the night shift at the hot
dog stand in downtown Reykjavík. The nightlife delivers all sorts of colorful characters to the stand. At the end of the shift, a total stranger asks Jón for a ride. The stranger looks harmless enough.

Original title: Traust
English title: Trust
Genre: Thriller / Drama

Director: Bragi Thór Hinriksson
Screenwriter: Sverrir Thór Sverrisson
Producers: Bragi Thór Hinriksson, Sverrir Thór Sverrisson
Director of photography: Ívar Kristján Ívarsson
Editor: Bragi Thór Hinriksson
Music: Ólafur Josephsson
Cast: Jafet Máni Magnúsarson, Valur Freyr Einarsson
Production company: Little Big Films,
Coproduction company: Hreyfimyndasmidjan
International sales: RÚV Sales,