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Skjaldborg Documentary Festival cancelled due to new Covid-19 restrictions

Skjaldborg - Icelandic Documentary Film Festival has been cancelled due to new Covid-19 restrictions in Iceland that will go into effect at noon on July 31. The festival, which had already been postponed once because of the epidemic, was supposed to take place from July 31 - August 3 and . 

Skjaldborg takes place annually in the town of Patreksfjordur in the Westfjords. The festival presents new Icelandic documentary films, and also functions as a meeting point for documentarians and documentary enthusiasts. The first Skjaldborg festival was held in in 2007.

Tougher restrictions have been re-imposed in response to a spike in the number of domestic infections in recent days. The new restrictions are expected to be in place until August 13th. Gatherings of over 100 people will be banned. This applies to all public spaces, including shops. Children born after 2005 are exempt from this rule. Two-metre distancing will be mandatory in public spaces and at gatherings. If businesses cannot ensure two-metre distancing and sanitation of common surfaces, they will be required to close. Wearing masks will be mandatory on public transport, including planes and ferries, and in places where two-metre distancing is not possible.