Work in Progress

This is normal

Árni & Kinski

GusGus, a former 9 piece utopian democracy has been slimmed down to a duo of polar opposites: Biggi and Daníel GusGus is under the tyranny of Biggi Veira who will crash the band before compromising. Their current actions cast a light on 25 years of glory, pain, betrayal, and the future of GusGus

Original title: Þetta er eðlilegt
English title:
This is normal

Directors: Árni & Kinski
Script: Árni & Kinski
Producer: Hrefna Hagalín
Lárus Jónsson, Halldór Hilmisson

Production company: Dýrlingur sf.
Coproduction company: Republik ehf.

Shooting format: Black Magic RAW
Scheduled shoot to begin: Mars 2022

Contact: Hrefna Hagalín