Work in Progress

My mom, the crazy

Garpur I. Elísabetarson

Grímur is an eleven year old boy, trying to make life work, but it is not going so well since his mother is diagnoised with bi-polar mental desease. He tries to make it work but what can he really accomplish alone with his mom trying to rescue the world from drowning. 

Original title: Mamma mín, geðsjúklingurinn
English title: My mom, the crazy
Genre: Drama

Director: Garpur I. Elísabetarson
Script: Garpur I. Elísabetarson
Producer: Garpur I. Elísabetarson

Production company: Garpur Films
Shooting format: Arri Alexa pro
Scheduled shoot to begin: 1. september 2021

Contact: Garpur I. Elísaberarson -