Work in Progress


Vera Sölvadóttir

A middle-aged man brakes out of his stereotypical routine and finds his self-expression by dancing away from the restricted box that the capitalistic and traditional society has built around him throughout the years. 

Original title: Reborn
English title: Reborn
Genre: Drama

Director: Vera Sölvadóttir
Script: Vera Sölvadóttir
Producers: Vera Sölvadóttir, Sara Björg Regal
Coproducer: Jim Stark

Production company: Wonderfilms
Coproduction company: Starksales Inc. 

Length: 12 min
Shooting format: HD
Screening format: DCP
Scheduled shoot to begin: Agust 2022

Sales and distribution:
Wonderfilms, Starksales Inc.

Contact: Vera Sölvadóttir -