Work in Progress

Wild Game

Elsa María Jakobsdóttir

During a dinner party seven friends decide to play a dangerous game. The attendees place their cellphones on the table and agree to make all texts and calls public in an attempt to prove that they have nothing to hide. 

Original title: Villibráð
English title: Wild Game
Genre: Comedy

Director: Elsa María Jakobsdóttir
Script: Elsa María Jakobsdóttir & Tyrfingur Tyrfingsson
Producers: Þórir Snær Sigurjónsson, Arnar Benjamín Kristjánsson

Production company: Zik Zak kvikmyndir
Coproduction company: Scanbox entertainment

Shooting format: Arri Alexa
Scheduled shoot to begin: 8 November 2021
International sales and distribution: Scanbox entertainment
National sales and distribution: Zik Zak

Contact: Arnar Benjamín -