Work in Progress

Broken Dreamland

Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen & Khalid Laboudi

For a group of Moroccan youths, the dream of escaping to Europe turns into a nightmare when they learn their mutual friend has committed a bloody knife attack in Turku.

Original title: Broken Dreamland
English title: Broken Dreamland
Genra: Doc
Language: Arabic, English, Finnish

Director: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen & Khalid Laboudi
Script: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen & Khalid Laboudi
Producer: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen
Coproducers: Hanna Björk Valsdóttir, Karim Aitouna
Director of photography: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen
Editor: Inka Lahti
Music: Tuomas Nikkinen
Cast: Iliyas Berrouh, Mohamed Bouz
Sound design: Huldar Freyr Arnarson

Production company: Akkeri Films
Coproduction company: Zone2Pictures, Haut les mains

National sales and distribution: Akkeri Films

Length: 90 min / 52 min
Shooting format: 4K
Screening format: DCP
Screening ratio: 16:9
Production country: Finnland, Frakkland, Ísland

Contact: Hanna Björk Valsdóttir -