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Alda Lóa Leifsdóttir

Togolísa describes five days at the Girls Rock Camp in Togo in august 2019. The film addresses the female community, the music, the dance and spirit, the attitudes, hopes and expectations of the women and the girls in Togo. In Togolísa we meet the Diva Mirlinda, the Tatas, the teachers and 50 girls who takes part in the rock camp. These groups reflect the lives of women in Togo, a country undergoing great societal change, and changes in women's attitudes to themselves and to society.

Original title: Togolísa 
English title: Togolísa (before: Girls Rock Camps in Africa)
Language: Ewe, French, English, Icelandic

Director: Alda Lóa Leifsdóttir
Script: Alda Lóa Leifsdóttir
Producer: Alda Lóa Leifsdóttir

Cinematography: Rut Sigurðardóttir
Editor: Einar Snorri
Cast: Mirlinda Kuakuvi,
Sound design: Nicolas Liebling
Sound: Ester Bibi

Production company:
Nýr Kafli ehf.
Length: 65' min
Screening format: DCP
Production format: HD
Production country: Iceland

Scheduled premiere: Autumn 2022

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