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Ischa Clissen, Dorus Masure

For centuries the inhabitants of an Icelandic village Vík í Mýrdal maintained a mystique relationship with the volcano ‘Katla'. However, today the volcano is a lure for tourists and bolsters the economic prosperity. The film KATLA explores the ambiguity where villagers, in their search for wealth, become strangers in their own habitat. 

Title: Heimaland
English title Katla

Director: Ischa Clissen, Dorus Masure
Script: Ischa Clissen, Dorus Masure
Producer: Bram Conjaerts
Coproducers: Heather Millard & Thordur Jonsson
Director of photography: Dorus Masure
Music: Anna Halldórsdóttir
Sound design: Anna Halldórsdóttir

Production company: Diplodokus
Coproduction company: Compass Films

International sales and distribution: Cat & Docs
National sales and distribution: Compass Films

Production format: HD
Screening ratio: 16:9
Screening format: DCP
Production countries Belgium/Iceland
Length: '75 min
Production start date: March 2020

Contact: Heather Millard -