Work in Progress

The Day Iceland Stood Still

Pamela Hogan

One fall afternoon in 1975, 90% of Iceland's women went on strike - and brought the country to its knees. Thanks to them Iceland ranks #1 on the Gender Equality Index. This is the best story you never heard about the power of women to transform society.

Original title: Dagurinn sem Ísland stöðvaðist
English title: The Day Iceland Stood Still
Languages: Icelandic and English

Director: Pamela Hogan
Script: Pamela Hogan
Producer: Pamela Hogan
Coproducer: Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir
Cinematographer: Helgi Felixson
Editor: Kate Taverna and Anna Þóra Steinþórsdóttir
Music: Margét Rán

Production company: Alternate Image
Coproduction company: Krumma films ehf


Estimated length: 75 minutes
Shooting format: 4K
Screening format: DCP - MFX
Ratio format: 1.85:1
Production countries: USA, Iceland