Work in Progress


Gústav Geir Bollason

Landscape in the century of the man. Midst in there a post-industrial structure that has been shaped by the forces of nature. The ruins in process, where workers add to the decay of the building. Creatures, animals, vegetation come in touch with the building and affect it, each in its own manner. 

Title: Mannvirki
Language: Icelandic

Director/Screenwriter: Gústav Geir Bollason
Producers: Hrönn Kristinsdóttir, Annick Lemonnier

Director of photography: Gústav Geir Bollason
Editor: Ninon Liotet
Sound design: Ingvar Lundberg

Production companies Go To Sheep, Epileptic

Shooting format: HD
Screening format: DCP
Production countries: Iceland, France
Estimated length: 70 min
Production start date: March 2021

Contact: Hrönn Kristinsdóttir -