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Skuld – For the Love of Cod

Rut Sigurdardóttir

A young couple risks their financial situation and relationship, when they follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and start working as independent fishermen on their small fishing boat, Skuld. Does Iceland's oldest industry have a future or will it disappear with the coming generation?

Original title: Skuld
English title: Skuld – For the Love of Cod
Genre: Doc

Director: Rut Sigurðardóttir
Script: Rut Sigurðardóttir
Original Score: Kristján Torfi Einarsson
Editing: Einar Snorri & Rut Sigurðardóttir
Sound: Kristín Waage
Producer: Rut Sigurðardóttir
Co-producer: Dögg Mósesdóttir

Production company: Bíóbúgí
Co-production company: Northern Wave Productions

Shooting format: Canon C300 mkiii og C100 mkii
Screening format: DCP
Length: 72 min

Contact: Rut Sigurdardóttir -