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TV fiction


Eva Sigurðardóttir

  In the 8-part medical drama, ER-doctor, Kristín (45), moves back to her childhood village with her daughter, Lilja (15), in the wake of her divorce, where her psychic mother, Johanna (66), forces Kristín to face the ghosts of her past. While Kristín's soon to be ex, Helgi, tries to win her back, she needs to resolve the complicated past with Ragnar, her old flame and the local policeman, however uncomfortable it may be. Becoming the first doctor in the village in a long time, she quickly finds herself far out of her comfort zone as her pragmatic ideals are in sharp contrast with the village's use of herbal medicine, spiritualism and psychic powers. The clinic has been run by a nurse and receptionist who fight to keep things as they were – and in their opinion, should be.

Kristin's strict scientific worldview doesn't go down too well with the psychic experience of her mother and daughter, causing both tension and friction in their relationships. Lilja finds comfort in her grandmother‘s company but also experiences love for the first time further complicating things.

Kristin's move to her childhood village was meant to be only temporary, but perhaps she needs the village just as much as it needs her.

Original title: Vitjanir (áður Brotin)
English title: Fractures
Genre: Drama

Director: Eva Sigurðardóttir
Script: Kolbrún Anna Björnsdóttir, Valgerður Þórsdóttir
Producers: Arnbjörg Hafliðadóttir, Andri Ómarsson

Production company: Glassriver ehf
Coproduction company: Rúv, Askja Films, Lunanime BV

Production contact: Arnbjörg Hafliðadóttir -
Sales contact: Hörður Rúnarsson -

Shooting format:
2K Digital
Shooting scheduled to begin: September 2020
International sale and distribution: Reinvent Studios
National sale and distribution: Hörður Rúnarsson -

Contact: Hörður Rúnarsson -