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Woman at Sea

Dinara Drukarova

Lili, 35, abandons everything to fish in the Far North – a man's world where she will face fear, exhaustion and the forces of nature unleashed. She'll also have to choose between her feelings for the man she calls "the lion" and her freedom. A powerful story, physical and metaphysical all at once.

Original title: Woman at Sea
English title: Woman at Sea
Genre: Drama
Language: French, English, Icelandic

Director: Dinara Drukarova
Script: Dinara Drukarova
Producers: Marianna SLot, Carine LeBlanc
Coproducers: Davíð Óskar Ólafsson, Benedikt Erlingsson, Sergey Selyanov, Genevieve Lemal, Julie Gayet
Director of photography: Timo Salminen
Editor: Anita Roth
Cast: Dinara Drukarova
Sound design: Matthias Hillegeer
Costume design: Helga Rós V. Hannam

Production company: Slot Machine
Coproduction company: Mystery Productions, Gulldrengurinn, Gullslottið

National sales and distribution: Bíó Paradís

Length: '90-'100 min
Shooting format: Digital
Screening format: DCP
Screening ratio: Anamorphic
Production start date: June 2, 2021
Scheduled premiere: April 29, 2022

Contact: Davíð Óskar Ólafsson,