Facts & Figures

Facts and Figures

In the last few years the issue of women in Icelandic filmmaking has been a common debate in news outlets and on social media. The Icelandic Film Centre has gathered data on this matter and published it. 

It should be remembered that, relative to our Nordic and European partners, the Icelandic Film Fund is small, as is our industry. On average, we are able to support only three to four feature-length fiction films per year, in addition to a handful of documentaries, short films and fiction TV series. This means that our sample size is also small, and large swings in data from year to year are possible. With this in mind, we think this data gives us some indication of the larger picture and the trends that have been emerging in recent years.

Figure 1 shows production grants for funded projects in all categories in 2016; feature films, documentaries, short films and fiction TV series. Female applications are little less than 30% of all applications received. As figure 1 shows, the success rate of female applicants is high.