Work in Progress



Kristín Eysteinsdóttir

Siiga is an high profile performance artist who is located abroad delivering a successful performance at a fancy dinner party. After the performance she runs tinto an Icelandic flight crew at the hotel bar and everything changes. 

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Eyes closed

Kolfinna Nikulásdóttir

Ragnar blindfolds Thuridur´s eyes on her birthday and takes her for a drive to the countryside. Seeing nothing, Thuridur feels anxious and uncomfortable and Ragnar starts to feel guilty. A big fight in the wilderness makes them realize neither of them know the difference between love and violence.

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Anna Sæunn Ólafsdóttir

When the lower classes are destined to live underground in the future district of Westropia, River, a terminally ill woman, is forced to seek the assistance of a controversial institution on the surface that euthanize humans for profit.

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