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Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir

In the late summer of 1980, eight-year-old Aron and the rest of his secret club aim to bring criminals to justice when a dynamite robbery draws their attention. Their ensuing adventure pits good vs. evil, disco vs. punk, and ends with love conquering all. A family film based on the hit musical of the same name.

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Kill the Poet

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson

Set in Reykjavik and New York during WWII when artists were being blacklisted in Communist witch-hunts, Kill the Poet, is a suspenseful Romeo & Juliet story about the star-crossed love affair between Iceland's greatest (and poorest) young poet and a young female painter from a wealthy family. 

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Valdimar Jóhannsson

Lamb tells the story of Maria and Ingvar, a childless couple of Icelandic sheep farmers in the early forties, and how an unexpected change in their circumstances brings them much joy before ultimately destroying them. 

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Tinna Hrafnsdóttir

Repressed memories that Sage unconsciously blocked as a child suddenly start to come back, revealing the truth about her past.

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Marteinn Thórsson

Recurrence is a supernatural thriller about Una (22), whose son (4) disappeared years ago and is presumed dead. After a suicide attempt, a sinister creature appears and Una starts to live a parallel story that happened a hundred years ago, a story of another Una, of rape, violence and murder. 

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Jón Gústafsson

When a young woman inherits a house from a grandmother she has never met, in a city she has never been to, she defies her mother's will and goes on a journey to discover the wounds of the past, while doing so she upsets the powers there and must fight for her life with the help of her ancestors' spirits.

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The Garden

Ragnar Bragason

Indíana Jónsdóttir lives in a council estate surrounded by immigrants, who she despises and makes her living preying on the state's welfare system. In her small private garden she tends to her award winning Laburnum tree. When her only son turns up with a foreign girlfriend - Indiana's world is upended.

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Fenar Ahmad

When the two Viking children Røskva and Tjalfe are taken to the land of Gods, Asgaard, by the God of Thunder Thor and the cunning God Loke, they meet a world at the brink of collapse which only they can save.

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