Work in Progress



Haukur Björgvinsson

Young couple Anna and Gunnar live in a society in which people are assigned a new spouse in a lottery every seven years. Full of heartache the couple faces their biggest fear in the face of life with a new partner.

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We the Lightnings

Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir

Núa burns through her last drops of gasoline to get to a peaceful pocket in nature at the end of the road where powerhouses -musicians, artists, mystics and poets in various stages of meltdown, have gathered to recharge.

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Chasing birds

Una Lorenzen

Table is a hand-drawn animated film about a parallel universe; a long square with four groups of people who all live separate realities around it.

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The Cow

Thórey Mjallhvít H. Ómarsdóttir

The middle aged office worker, Margret, wakes up to see cows walking around downtown Reykjavik. When she arrives at her office, she realises that she is the only one that can see
them. Chaos ensues when a cow appears in the office cafeteria.

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Chef de Partie

Ágúst Þór Hafsteinsson

Davíð is a young, ambitious chef in a fine but cutthroat Icelandic kitchen. He gets a chance to prove himself to his head chef who accepts nothing short of perfection. 

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Drink My Life

Marzibil Sæmundardóttir

Steini is an inactive alcoholic who quit drinking when he had a son with his girlfriend. He works two jobs to make ends meet but when the fate intervenes Steini goes on a journey with a dangerous dance partner.

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