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Fifteen past seven

Einar Þór Gunnlaugsson

The 1955 strike in Reykjavík was one of the hardest-hitting strikes in the Iceland's history. Trade unions stressed social rights but political currents were often ruled by the Cold War. Reykjavík was an active and a growing cultural city which experienced increasing import of unseen luxuries but also full-fledged poverty. The city has never experienced such a siege.

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The Tower

Ísold Uggadóttir

In Iceland, within the walls of the world's smallest Catholic diocese, led by the Dutch Montfort order, a great tragedy was kept under wraps for decades.

Cracks began to form in these walls in 2008 after a German Catholic school teacher in Reykjavík was found dead on the children's playground. 

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Guy Davidi

'Senseless' is about growing up in a society where you are born to become a soldier and by that to fulfil the social obligation of the military service weather you fit into it or you don’t.

The film is told with a voice over based on personal letters and secret diaries of soldiers who died in the army. We follow the struggles and inner life of these young soldiers reflecting over the life they. They take us into a world of alienation and doubts, when you are being pressured, even forced to compromise your values and your sensitivity.

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Godmother of Rock

Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdóttir

The Godmother of Rock – aka Andrea is a DJ in her 70s who lives her own lifestyle and doesn’t care what is expected of people her age. The film follows her for 24 hours while using reflections to weave a picture of this rock icon, her challenges and philosophy in life. Three generations of women; the grandmother, the daughter and the grandchild tell the story.

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Storm Alerts

Bergur Bernburg

Storm Alerts is a dramatic journey into the unknown territories of the human mind. A genius Nordic scholar that has enjoyed major achievements in his field suddenly needs to reconsider his life. Illness strikes him and he needs to make a new contract with himself. He becomes the explorer of his own mind. 

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