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FABLED by Gudni Líndal Benediktsson and Ævar Thór Benediktsson selected for Cinekid Scrip LAB

The project in development Fabled, written by Gudni Líndal Benediktsson and Ævar Thór Benediktsson, has been selected for the seventh edition of Cinekid Script LAB. The project is based on Ævar Thór's best selling children's book Þín eigin þjóðsaga.

In total 14 projects were selected for the hands-on workshop that is designed to elevate each project to the next stage. The LAB, a six-month project-driven initiative that focuses on the development of scripts for children's films, begins during Cinekid for Professionals in Amsterdam in October, and runs through to the Berlinale in February 2021.

About Cinekid Script LAB
During Cinekid Script LAB, participants work with internationally acclaimed advisors who push them to their creative limits. The coaching offered to each filmmaker is tailor-made and addresses the needs of both the writer and the story across the LAB's twin-phased trajectory. Teambuilding and the interpersonal exchange of ideas and experiences within a safe and nurturing lab environment are the foundation stones of Cinekid Script LAB.

Cinekid Script LAB is co-funded by Creative Europe MEDIA, and is organized in collaboration with seven partners: Finnish Film Foundation, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Icelandic Film Center, Netherlands Film Fund, Norwegian Film Institute, Polish Film Institute, and Swedish Film Institute.