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Kanema's song wins at Skjaldborg documentary film festival

The documentary film festival, Skjaldborg, took place for the twelfth time in Patreksfjördur May 18-21. The festival screened 18 documentaries as well as several works in progress. 
Kanema's song, a film by Anna Thóra Steinthórsdóttir received both the audience award  and the jury award. The jury stated that the film tells Kanema's story with great warmth and sensitivity, full of joy and heart.

Kanema's Song is a character driven film about 18 years old Erna Kanema who grew up in Reykjavik with her Icelandic mother, her Zambian father, and her young sister Audur. Erna Kanema travels to Zambia, her father's homeland, searching for her roots and cultural heritage. After gaining a deeper understanding of her ancestor's musical tradition, she brings some of it back home to Iceland. 

The film is written, directed and produced by Steinthórsdóttir for Klipp, coproducer is Gudbergur Davídsson for Ljósop and music by Árni Rúnar Hlödversson.