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Nordic Film Music Days

We know that Nordic composers have a lot to be proud of. And therefore, we are asking composers working in the Nordic countries and being a member of the national collecting society to submit their best Film & TV Scores for HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award 2021.
The composition must be for a narrative feature, documentary or TV-series released between
July 21st, 2019 and July 21st, 2020.
Submission deadline is October 1st.

For the past years HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award & The Nordic Film Music Days have become a fixture on the event calendar during BERLINALE – Berlin International Film Festival. It's a unique opportunity to spotlight Nordic composers and to celebrate their music during this prestigious festival. Nordic Film Music Days create a space to communicate, start future collaborations, educate and to network during the festival. Make sure to submit for the 2021 HARPA Awards and to participate in the Nordic Film Music Days. Dates and full program at the Nordische Botschaften will be released later.

Your submission must include:
-Full name, contact info and of the composer
-membership number of the national collecting society
-Link to screener with English subtitles
-Link to IMDB

Submit you work to registration@nordicfilmmusicdays.com


HARPA - people, places and opportunities
Bent Fabricius-Bjerre (DK), recipient of the 2017 HARPA Lifetime Achievement Award, passed away July 28th at the age of 95. For more than seven decades Fabricius-Bjerre was one of the most famous and beloved composers in the Nordic region, and his countless themes are part of the curriculum in music schools; performed by musicians of all ages and all levels worldwide. For many, he's composed the soundtrack of our lives, and until his death, he still remained active as a film composer.

Davíð Þór Jónsson (IS) and Gaute Storaas (N), HARPA winners in 2019 and 2020 respectively will be presented August 26th as part of OFF, Odense International Film Festival. Video-artist Tine Louise Kortermand and composer Kåre Bjerkø, HARPA nominee 2020, will talk about their own work and unfold the working methods of the composers.

Atli Örvarsson (IS) has been very busy this summer doing work from his remote hometown, Akureiri. He composed the score for the Apple TV+ series 'Defending Jacob' and the top-streaming Netflix comedy 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.' This summer, Örvarsson also released his debut solo album, ‘You Are Here'.

Peder Kjellsby (N), HARPA nominee 2016 just won the Norvegian Amandaprisen for his score for Dag Johan Haugerud's ‘Barn' (Beware of Children), a film which is also nominated for Nordisk Råds Filmpris.
HARPA nominee from 2016, Ginge Anvik (N) was Amanda-nominated for ‘Askeladden – I Soria Moria slott'.

Herdís Stefánsdóttir (IS) created a score for HBO's Emmy-nominated drag queen reality series ‘We're Here', drawing influence from the U.S. locales the show visited and crafting unique music for each and every episode.

Hildur Gudnadóttir (IS), HARPA nominee 2017 and Academy Award winner 2020 added another award to her shelf. She received her second BAFTA this year, this time for her score for the TV series ‘Chernobyl'. She previously was awarded a BAFTA for ‘Joker'.

Uno Helmersson (S) scored ‘The Painter and the Thief', a documentary about the astonishing connection forged between a painter and the thief who stole her paintings. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released from Milan Record earlier this year on May 21st.

Two students at the Iceland University of the Arts recently conducted a study on all films and TV programs which the Icelandic Film Center had supported during a 10-year period (2009-2019). 80% of the scores are written by Icelandic composers and 79% of the synched music is Icelandic. The study also reveals a strong relationship between directors and film composers, as the same directors have worked with the same composers on multiple projects. Another interesting outcome of the study is that of all the analyzed projects, only a handful (four) indicate that a special music supervisor had been consulted or involved in the production. This would suggest that music supervision is most often a secondary job of the film director.

Amplify your work

Please inform us of your newest projects so we can celebrate and post in our next newsletter and on social media.

Amplify your work to composer@nordicfilmmusicdays.com

What is HARPA Nordic Film Music Days & Nordic Film Composers Award?
• An annual event during Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival
• Communicating & presenting the quality of Nordic film and media-music
• Strengthening artistic and musical interaction between the Nordic countries and beyond
• Increasing Nordic film composers' access to the European markets
• Strengthening the Nordic film position in EU
• Connecting Nordic creatives with global decision makers for international collaborations

Since 2010, Nordic composers have joined forces to put focus on Nordic Film Music and Nordic Film with the HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award. From 2016 the HARPA Nordic Film Music Days and the HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award have been taking place at the Nordische Botschaften in Berlin in connection with the Berlinale film festival.
With new collaborators within the Norwegian and the Finnish Music export offices our event has been seriously strengthened.

Why are Nordic Film Music Days important?
• NFMD is an event to help communicate the success of Nordic film and Nordic film composers, including not only focus on film, but also on media-music topics as well.
• a Film Music direction for Berlinale, bringing Film music closer to the Berlinale-participants
• a film music industry event relevant for the entire film industry in Germany and Europe.

Nordic Film Music Days is carried out as a collaboration between the Nordic composer organizations, Music Norway and Music Finland. To achieve its goals Nordic Film Music Days is once again co-operating closely with the Nordic Embassies in Berlin, the national film institutes, EAVE producers and is carrying out activities with Berlinale Talents and Berlinale Co-Production Market. With the help from Thomas Mikusz (White Bear PR) NFMD will throughout the year communicate engaging stories from our composers, their music and our events. We will ensure that HARPA Nordic Film Music Days and Nordic Film Composers Award will become the ‘place-to-meet' for anybody interested in Nordic film and Nordic film- & media-music. Through collaborations with other European festivals and happenings we make sure that Nordic Film Music Days is constantly showcased.

Partners in HARPA Nordic Film Music Days 2021
-SKAP (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers & Authors)
-FST (Föreningen af Svenske Tonsättere)
-Music Finland
-Finnish Music Creators FMC
-STEF (Icelandic Collective Rights Management Society)
-NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists)
-Komponistforeningen (Norwegian Society of Composers)
-Music Norway
-BFM (Danish Organization for Film- and Media Composers)
-Thomas Mikusz, White Bear PR/Associated Publicist and international PR

HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award is organized by the composer organizations from the 5 Nordic countries. Before December 1st each Nordic country will have chosen their national nominee, a composer which has shown excellent work in a composition for a feature, documentary or TV-series released between July 21st, 2019 and July 21st, 2020. Program will be announced December 2020. The winner of HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award 2021 will be selected by an international jury.

Winners of HARPA Nordic Film Composers Award
2020 Berlin | Gaute Storaas (Norway) | Bröllop, begravning & dop
2019 Berlin | Davíð Þór Jónsson and director Benedikt Erlingsson (Iceland)| Woman at war
2018 Berlin| Daníel Bjarnason (Iceland) | Under the Tree
2017 Berlin and Cannes | Honor award | Bent Fabricius-Bjerre (Denmark)
2017 Berlin and Cannes | Sune Martin (Denmark) | Land of Mine
2016 Berlin | Honor award | Johann Johannsson (Iceland)
2016 Berlin | Atli Örvarsson | Rams
2014 Espoo | Matti Bye (Sweden) | Faro
2013 Trondheim |Tuomas Kantelinen (Finland) | Puhdistus
2012 Reykjavik |Fredrik Emilson (Sweden) | Kronjuvelarna
2011 Copenhagen | Gaute Storaas (Norway) | Elias og jakten på havets gull
2010 Gothenburg | Dani Strömbäck (Finland) | Letters to Father Jacob

Working group HARPA Nordic Film Music Days and Nordic Film Composers Award
Kate Havnevik | NOPA
Katariina Sorsa/Kaisa Röhnko| Music Finland
Einar Idsøe Eidsvåg | Music Norway
Jon Olav Kringeland | Komponistforeningen
Ida-Lee Brandel | FST, Foreningen af Svenske Tonsättere

Contact: Lone Nyhuus/Danish Film and Media Composers/Coordinator
lony@filmkomponister.dk + 45 23 84 24 56