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Paperboy wins the Shortfish at Stockfish Film Festival

Ninna Pálmadóttir's short film Paperboy is the winner of this year's Shortfish, Stockfish Film Festival's short film competition. Paperboy tells the story of small town paper delivery boy who peeks into his neighbor's window and connects with a traumatized woman. Ninna received a prize of ISK 1 million krónur in equipment rental from Kukl.

Stockfish Film Festival took place from March 12 - 22 and the panel of judges were as follows: screenwriter Ottó Geir Borg, director Silja Hauksdóttir and film critic, writer and the founder of Ubiquarian, Marina D. Richter.

Jury's words about their choice: "Sometimes, help comes from the least expected direction, from little people we don't take the notice of, but who are a constituent part of our daily lives. Sometimes, the little people can literally be that - children. The hero of the Shortfish competition is tucked in silence and burdened by big sorrows, and yet capable of putting it aside to offer comfort to a perfect stranger.

We, the jury have made a unison decision. For its cinematic quality given in subtle images that speak even without a dialogue, for its warmth and a well nuanced script that focuses on human connection, and for its good eye for detail, we award the prize to Blaðberinn (Paperboy) by Ninna Pálmadóttir."

Shortfish is the festival's short film competition. Its goal is to draw attention to young and aspiring film-makers and provide funding for future projects. All the films are premiered in Iceland at the festival.

For further information about Stockfish Film Festival visit the festival's official website