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Síminn joins Nordisk Film & TV Fond

The Nordic Film & TV Fund welcomes the Icelandic telecommunication group Síminn among its high-profile group of Nordic partners.  

Síminn's partnership brings the number of broadcasting partners to 13 and overall Nordic Film & TV Fund partners to 19. Síminn is now the fund's third TV partner from Iceland, among with RUV and Stod 2. The Icelandic Film Centre is also a partner to the fund. 

Pálmi Guðmundsson, EVP Programming at Síminn said: “We are both proud and happy to be joining Nordisk Film & TV Fond. We are investing more in quality Icelandic content, both drama and comedy and we see Nordisk Film & TV Fond as a platform that will help us grow into that direction and reaching our goals.” 

The purpose of the Nordic Film & TV Fund is to promote the production of audio-visual projects in the Nordic countries by participating in the top-up financing of feature films, TV-fiction, TV-series, short films and creative documentaries. In order to obtain support from the Fund, the film has to be suitable for theatrical release, television broadcasting or other forms of distribution.

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