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Ten Icelandic film projects at Nordisk Panorama

A total of ten Icelandic film projects will participate at this year's Nordisk Panorama. Four films will screen at the festival itself, three will pitch in the Nordisk Panorama Forum and three more will screen at the Nordisk Panorama Market. The festival will run from September 20 - 25.

Festival Screenings


This is the story of Reynir Örn Leósson, a mysterious outsider with almost supernatural physical strength. It's the story of his difficult upbringing, his world records and other amazing achievements – and also of the years of heavy drinking that led to his premature death.

Director/Producer Baldvin Z (Life in a Fishbowl, Let Me Fall)
Production company Glassriver
Iceland 2017, 87 min.
Sales contact abby@glassriver.is


E8e9ea0e-bef6-433b-9f75-b2787d6b4f3aWhen her only employee leaves for better opportunities, Viktoría, a strong-willed woman in her 60s, has to face running her dairy farm on her own, a farm that has been in her family for generations.

Director/Screenwriter Brúsi Ólason
Producers Kári Úlfsson, Maggie Briggs
Production company Kvarki Films
Iceland/USA 2018, 12 min., DCP


0b8681ee-0d9f-4f8e-b5c7-18c1e1723e51After an incident at their farm, a young man tries to start acting more his age in order to please his father and keep his little brother out of harm's way.

Director/Producer Emil Alfred Emilsson
Production company The Icelandic Film School
Iceland, 2017, 12 min., HD


Cb8abc3e-e547-4b68-8cdd-b4723f19dad7Valkyrjur, founded in 2017, is currently the only cheerleading team in Iceland. Ósk Tryggvadóttir, head cheerleader and founder of the group, shares the difficulties she has faced while starting a new sport in Iceland. We observe the team's practice sessions and their performance at a rugby game in one of Iceland's largest sporting venues.

Director/Producer Valgerdur Júlíusdóttir
Production company Val Productions
Iceland, 2017, 8 min., HD 



Beauty and the Beast: The Rest Will Be History

When Beast and Beauty use their tour to shake up societal boundaries of outdated female behavior, they are about to start a trend that could leave them outrageously famous – or lonelier than ever.

Director/Screenwriter Margrét Seema Takyar
Production company Glassriver
Contact Arnbjörg Haflidadóttir (abby@glassriver.is)


The Hero's Journey to the Third Pole: A Bipolar Musical Documentary with Elephants

An adventurous, sad, dreamy, funny, and ultimately bittersweet story of two people struggling with the balancing act of bipolar disorder and confronting the shame that they and other bipolar people feel.

Directors Andri Snær Magnason, Anní Ólafsdóttir
Production company Ground Control Productions
Contact Hlín Jóhannesdóttir (hlin@ursusparvus.com)



Towtruck is a documentary about Darryl Francis, who was wrongfully convicted as an accessory to murder in L.A. when he was a teenager. 

Director Olaf de Fleur
Production company Poppoli Pictures
Contact Olaf de Fleur (poppoli@poppoli.com)



Happily Never After

Giving the hubby a meaningful birthday gift turns out to be a rather complicated act.

Director/Screenwriter Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir
Production company Cubs Productions
Iceland, 2018, 6 min., DCP
International sales SND Films (info@sndfilms.com)


Miss Iceland

Gríma is the newly crowned Miss Iceland with her life seemingly firmly on track. But after a sudden misstep, Gríma is forced to take a hard look at herself and decide what kind of person she really is.

Director/Screenwriter Hannes Thór Arason
Production company Vintage Pictures
Iceland, 2018, 19 min., DCP
Contact hannes@figura.is


Dive: Rituals in Water

At a rundown pool between the ocean and the mountains, Snorri, a pioneer in infant swimming, welcomes babies all day long, six days a week. He's been there for 25 years, and the pool has become a world of its own where babies dive, stand on his palm, and sing joyfully.

Directors Elín Hansdóttir, Hanna Björk Valsdóttir, Anna Rún Tryggvadóttir
Production company Akkeri Films
Iceland, 2018, 72 min., DCP
International sales CAT & Docs (cat@catndocs.com)