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THE SEER AND THE UNSEEN wins award at SFFILM Festival

The Seer and the Unseen  won a Golden Gate Award at the 2019 SFFILM Festival for Best Bay Area Documentary Feature. The festival took place April 10 - 23. The jury applauded Dosa's film as “a novel approach to belief systems and their power to shape our physical world.”

The Seer and the Unseen is an unexpectedly environmental film about invisible elves, financial collapse, and the power of belief told through one Icelandic family's quest to save a threatened landscape – and the beloved home they've lived in for generations.

The film is directed by Sara Dosa and produced by Shane Boris and Sara Dosa under Signpost Pictures (USA) - coproduced by Heather Millard, Thórdur Jónsson and Arnar Sigurdsson with their companies Compass Films and Austan Mána (Iceland).

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