Work in Progress


Felt Cute

Anna Karín Lárusdóttir

Breki (11) is at constant odds with his sister, but all he wants is her validation. One day when she is out, Breki sneaks into her closet and makeup, leaving the room a mess. When the family returns to the scene, a series of events unfold leading to a long overdue confrontation between the siblings. 

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Flowers to the bone

Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir

A woman surrenders her contra bass into a massive waterfall. After the ritual a new, softer way of life starts opening up for her with love and creativity as her compass.

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Anna Sæunn Ólafsdóttir

When the lower classes are destined to live underground in the future district of Westropia, River, a terminally ill woman, is forced to seek the assistance of a controversial institution on the surface that euthanizes humans for profit.

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