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When the New Song Came to Iceland

Ásdís Thoroddsen

Through the diary of Sveinn Thórarinsson (1821-1869) we follow a slow revolution: When the "new song" came to Iceland; people began to sing foreign songs in major and moll and many voices, leaving the music rooted in medieval times behind.

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Ben Rivers

A sequel to Two Years at Sea - Bogancloch follows Jake Williams, living in the middle of a remote forest in Scotland going about his days, walking, dreaming, singing and welcoming strangers.

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Amateurs' Paradise

Janus Bragi Jakobsson

Can the camera expose your deepest desires? A retired CEO, a prison officer looking for a soulmate and a troubled influencer all have filmed their life and are now putting their lives in the hands of a filmmaker.

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Amongst the birds

Ingvar Þórðarson, Ragnar Axelsson (RAX), Mika Kaurismaki

A unique settlement stands in Loðmundarfjörður, Iceland, in the care of husband and wife Ólafur and Jóhanna. The villagers? Eider birds who travel great distances to raise their offspring in this remote nature paradise. We follow the life of man and bird in this extraordinary Eider town.

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What do You Want to Eat?

Anna María Björnsdóttir and Tumi Bjartur Valdimarsson

Anna María learns about organic farming in Iceland, focusing on the environmental impact, our health and our children's health. We get to know about organic farmers' passion and
vision and hear their story behind food.

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Olaf de Fleur

Documentary about the Icelandic martial arts instructor Imma Helga who teaches unconventional methods in women's self-defense.

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Heimir Freyr Hlöðversson

A documentary about the renowned bird photographer Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson. The film portrays a strong character who has dedicated his life to bird life in Iceland, educating and informing the nation and raising awareness of environmental concerns.

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Karna Sigurðardóttir

Brynhildur, a woman from a remote valley in Iceland juggles the roles of being a pastor, farmer and a mother. She revisits her life story and embodies her theology, life philosophy and experiences through poetry and everyday actions such as singing lessons, newspaper delivery, straightening crooked nails and digging up a whale skull from the neighbouring beach.

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OMG… it's a Miracle

Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon, Sigurjón Sighvatsson

OMG... it's a miracle, will focus on Icelandic musicians, how they have developed into complex and sophisticated composers. They have done that by focusing on a musical style that does not fit into the traditional definitions of musical categories, that has since been given the nickname: New Classical Music.

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Olaf de Fleur

A creative documentary about the impact of the Covid-19 virus on Icelandic society told through several characters.

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Johnny King

Árni Sveinsson

An old Icelandic country singer at a crossroad in his career and life tries to get one last time back in the saddle. Meanwhile he has to reconcile with his difficult past which is always hanging over him like a shadow. 

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This is normal

Árni & Kinski

GusGus, a former 9 piece utopian democracy has been slimmed down to a duo of polar opposites: Biggi and Daníel GusGus is under the tyranny of Biggi Veira who will crash the band before compromising. Their current actions cast a light on 25 years of glory, pain, betrayal, and the future of GusGus

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My Solveig

Clara Lemaire Anspach, Karna Sigurdardóttir

The late Sólveig Anspach's career blurred boundaries between Iceland and France, between fiction and documentary, between her life and her art. In this intimate portrait, Sólveig's daughter, Clara, remembers her mother, her friends and family, and her work.

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The Ground Beneath Our Feet

Yrsa Roca Fannberg

Show me the beauty and the grief of the old people at Grund! From the Earth we come and to Her we shall return.

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Dancing lines

Fridrik Thór Fridriksson

Locked inside his body, speaking only with his eyes, Kalli proves that creative forces of artistic minds cannot be confined within bodily borders.

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Man, horse and the will to win

Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdótttir

With a soft touch, he takes no prisoners and drives people and horses before him. He is one of the most successful sportsmen of his time. He is Diddi – Sigurbjörn Bárðarson, the horse breeder who began his career with nothing but was quick to learn from other breeders and wheeler-dealers how he could achieve success and get to the top.

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Wongai: And we dance

Hanna Björk Valsdóttir

At a small dance studio in Reykjavík drummers and dancers from Guinea, West-Africa teach Icelandic women to move to the rhythm of the rich African culture of the homeland they left behind, in search of a better life in the Western world. But what is a better life? 

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The Storm

Sævar Guðmundsson

A police chief and two doctors are asked to lead the battle against a deadly pandemic and steer their nation through the storm.

With a focus on the human aspect, the documentary series tells the story of Covid-19 in Iceland from multiple angles. For two years the filmmakers had unprecedented access to those in charge of the decision-making in the fight against the virus.   

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Adventure on horseback

Árni Gunnarsson

Þórgunnur (15-year) crosses the highland on horseback to take part in the national horse championship. On the journey she copes with difficult conditions with help from her horse. The mutual trust of horse and rider.. much like the competition that awaits.

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The Tower

Ísold Uggadóttir

After a Catholic school teacher in Reykjavík is found dead on the children's playground, whispers of a secret violent past within the walls of the school began slowly surfacing. Investigated by Thóra, a fearless journalist, the Icelandic nation was shocked by her revelations of extensive abuse conducted by the school teacher, masterminded by her superior, Montfort priest, Father George.

The pair worked in cahoots on systematic mental, physical and sexual abuse of children, over the course of half a century, all of which was covered up by the Catholic Church. Countless survivors now demand acknowledgement of responsibility from the Catholic Church whose Bishop and priests have publicly questioned all victims' accounts.

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Full Steam Ahead

Susan Muska, Gréta Ólafsdóttir

Different generations of women give us rare insights into their world and what it takes to survive in the geothermal industry, a male-dominated field. The women share their struggles and successes, and the changes that have taken place in the workplace over the years

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Bitcoin Bandits

Sigurjón Sighvatsson

The biggest and strangest heist in the history of Iceland was committed by five childhood friends in 2017 and 2018, where hundreds of millions worth of Bitcoin computers were stolen. Even though they caught the culprits many questions are still unanswered. 

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City of Culture

Heiðar Mar Björnsson

Short creative documentary from Reykjavík at the turn of the 20th century at a time where filmmaking was taking it's first steps and the city's culture life started to blossom with increased urbanisation.

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Gunnars Last Project

Mathias S. Schmidt

After 20 years of retirement, design icon Gunnar Magnússon takes on his last project together with his daughter Tinna Gunnarsdóttir. As Gunnar’s health starts deteriorating, Tinna is faced with the task of completing the project whilst coming to terms with losing her farther.
‘Gunnar’s Last Project’ is the is an emotional story about legacy and family, told through the eyes of two of the Icelandic design scene’s most important characters.

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The farmer and the factory

Barði Guðmundsson

An unknown illness is plaguing horses on the farm Kúludalsá in Hvaldfjord near the town of Akranes Iceland. The farmer, horsewoman Ragga Þorgrímsdóttir is forced to put the sick horses down Autopsy reveals that the horses have 4 times the expected amount of fluoride in the bones. The only source of fluoride is the nearby aluminum factory.

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Annetta Ragnarsdóttir

Quicksand is a documentary about the Icelandic middle class, its status in the modern society, and its status compared to neighbouring countries . The the fact that a majority of middle class people can´t make their ends meet despite working full time and being highly educated.

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Road 75

Árni Gunnarsson

In 1975 the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration made a pact with spirits from the past to not blast rocks in Tröllaskarð. Why and what were the consequences?

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Storm Alerts

Bergur Bernburg

Storm Alerts is a dramatic journey into the unknown territories of the human mind. A genius Nordic scholar that has enjoyed major achievements in his field suddenly needs to reconsider his life. Illness strikes him and he needs to make a new contract with himself. He becomes the explorer of his own mind. 

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If These Walls Could Talk....?

Sveinn M. Sveinsson, Helga Guðrún Johnson

A 52 minute documentary about  one of the oldest building in Reykjavík, made from natural rocks 1872,  and the only building in Iceland that was built as a prison until 2016.
The second floor housed the local Police station, the Town Hall and the Supreme Court until 1949. The house was also the home of the prison guards and their families.  

The story will be told by mixing a third person VO and interviews with various people who have come to know the story of and within the building either as prisoners, employees or officials thought the years.  This is also the story of the judiciary system in Iceland from 1874 until this very day. It is very unique that in the center of the capital, in between shops, restaurants and bars, there has been an active prison operating since 1872.

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Bride of Christ

Bride of Christ

Rakel Gardarsdóttir, Ágústa M. Ólafsdóttir

A unique documentary about the life and thoughts of women who dedicate their lives to the Carmelite convent in Hafnarfjördur, Iceland.

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