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The Mountain

Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir

Electrician Atli (46) his wife María a nerdy star gazer and musician Anna their 19-year-old daughter, make up a regular family living in Reykjavík, each tending to their own outside the routine of the home base. María is preparing the star-gazing trip up north they had planned on, to watch the comet Vergo on its way towards earth. But both Atli and Anna, oblivious to the stars in the sky and María ‘s field of interest, have forgotten all about the trip and made other plans. Disappointed María drives away alone but ends up in a serious car accident and dies a few days later. Heavily burdened with sorrow and guilt, nothing is the same for Atli and Anna. Trying to cope with their loss they decide to follow in Maria ‘s tracks up to the mountain – a decision that brings them closer to María and each other as well as opening up a whole new universe.

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Erlingur Thoroddsen

As Ódinn investigates decades-old deaths at a juvenile treatment centre, he begins to suspect that the sinister secrets he uncovers are connected to his wife’s mysterious suicide — as well as his teenage daughter’s strange behaviour. 

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Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon

An old man comes home with the ashes of his dead wife in an urn; water is boiling in a kettle. 

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Northern Comfort

Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson

Sarah, a career woman in her forties, suffers from an uncontrollable fear of flying. To save her newly-established relationship, she must overcome her phobia and learn to let go. 

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Operation Napoleon

Óskar Þór Axelsson

When lawyer Kristín's (35) brother stumbles upon the remains of an old Nazi warplane on top of Iceland’s largest glacier, they both find themselves running for their lives, hunted by a ruthless group of people, willing to do anything to keep an explosive WW2 secret.

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Falcons forever

Óskar Þór Axelsson

Falcons Forever is a true rags-to-riches story of how Frank Fredrickson and his Icelandic Canadian friends faced social prejudice and poverty in the early 1900s to win the world’s first Olympic gold medal in hockey.

This fictionalized account of the team’s rise to victory is inspired the novel When Falcons Fly by David Square.

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