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12 Hours to Destruction

Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir


In the summer of 1980, 11-year-old Hanna and the rest of her childhood band aim to bring criminals to justice when a threat to destroy the last school dance comes their way. Their ensuing adventure pits good vs. evil and disco vs. punk, and ends with love and unity conquering all.


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Reply to a Letter From Helga

Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir

In a remote fjord in 1940's Iceland, Bjarni, a young farmer, and Helga, an aspiring poet, begin a passionate, forbidden affair, with their emotions running as wild as the ocean waves that surround them. 

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Summer Light, and Then Comes the Night

Elfar Aðalsteins

The village is brimming with stories, stories of joy and sorrow and the wafer-thin thread between life and death. Like the one about the young businessman who dreams in Latin and leaves his promising career for astronomy and old books, or the one about the translucent boy who carves moorland birds, or the one about the open-air affair in the countryside and the big rock that is chiseled to dust. If you listen carefully we might tell you a few.

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Tinna Hrafnsdóttir

Saga, a single mother, gets hit by a fierce epileptic attack that results in total memory loss. Afraid of being considered unable to take care of her son, Saga attempts to hide her condition from others. As she struggles to gather bits and pieces from her forgotten life, repressed memories from her childhood start to return, revealing the truth about her past.


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Woman at Sea

Dinara Drukarova

Lili, 35, abandons everything to fish in the Far North – a man's world where she will face fear, exhaustion and the forces of nature unleashed. She'll also have to choose between her feelings for the man she calls "the lion" and her freedom. A powerful story, physical and metaphysical all at once.

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Road Trip with Mom

Hilmar Oddsson

The death of Jon's mother forces him to take on a journey with her corpse in the backseat to fulfill her last wish. Bresnef the dog comes along and this trip will be the gamechanger Jon never dreamt of.

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The very last fishing trip

Örn Marinó Arnarson, Þorkell Harðarson

A group of friends go fishing to geta away from town an relax a bit in the countryside. The new members of the group do not behave according to expectations and the trip goes to Hell in a very efficient manner due to old sins.

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The Hunter's Son

Ricky Rijneke

On a father-son hunting trip, an impulsive act explodes into tragedy.

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Chicken Boy

Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson

A teenage boy, raised by a mother who considers herself psychic, takes a bullied kid into his group of violent misfits. As the group's troubles escalate toward life-threatening situations, an inner voice awakens in the boy and, with the help of his mother and his new friend, he manages to find his own path.

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