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Ólöf Birna Torfadóttir

A story about two women who have both lost control over their lives and the ways they try to solve their problems in dramatic but very different ways.

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Jón E. Gústafsson

Two strangers get stuck in Iceland when an eruption grounds all flights. They steal a car to try to get to the volcano with lifechanging consequences.

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Returning to Lulu

Mikael Torfason

Eva has spent the last 10 years in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Now she is back and has to conquer both her fears
and insanity so she can return to her daughter Lulu.

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Odd Fish

Snævar Sölvason

When two childhood friends get a long-awaited opportunity to open their seafood restaurant all year round, one of them comes out of the closet as a trans woman, which rattles the friendship.

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When the Light Breaks

Rúnar Rúnarsson

On a long summer's day in Reykjavik, the life of Una, a young art student, is turned upside down. From one sunset to another, when laughing turns into crying and beauty coexists with sorrow.

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Baltasar Kormákur

Soon after the break of the pandemic and realizing that his clock is ticking, Kristofer gets the urge to embark on a journey to try to find out what really happened when his Japanese girlfriend mysteriously vanished without a trace from London fifty years earlier.

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Ari Alexander Ergis Magnússon

Epilogue tells the story of an 85 year old man who has recently lost his wife. By mixing his wife's ashes in a cup of hot water and drinking it, she appears to him, and they share memories of their life together.

The film follows the old man's journey as he seeks to find solace and a renewed purpose in life with the assistance of his cheerful neighbor. Along the way, he encounters an array of unique characters, including a self-centered doctor, a smooth-talking coffin salesman, a shamanic yoga teacher, mysterious nuns, a young Faroese bride-to-be, and a small white dog named Shadow.

The old man's journey is a touching exploration of grief, love, and the human experience.

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The Mountain

Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir

Electrician Atli lives with his wife Maria, an avid stargazer, and their nineteen-year-old daughter Anna, a musician, in Hafnarfjörður. Life follows its usual course until a tragic accident turns their lives upside down, forcing them to find a new path forward.

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The Hunter's Son

Ricky Rijneke

On a father-son hunting trip, an impulsive act explodes into tragedy.

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