Industry and Funding

Co-producing with Iceland

Iceland has a long history of coproduction with various countries, including the Nordic countries, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom. The Icelandic Film Centre supports coproductions of features, documentaries, TV series and shorts with Iceland as a minority coproducer.

The Icelandic Film Fund is administered by the Icelandic Film Centre. The fund's role is to further Icelandic filmmaking by providing financial support to features, documentaries, shorts and fictional TV series. Projects supported by the Icelandic Film Fund must have some connection to Iceland unless special circumstances apply.

When evaluating applications, the following points are especially considered:

  • The degree of creative participation from Iceland
  • The degree of involvement by the Icelandic producer and the overall Icelandic spend
  • A letter of commitment to distribute the film in Iceland
  • The overall creative merit of the project

Iceland currently offers up to 35% reimbursement on eligible costs incurred in the production of film and TV projects in Iceland. Note that this scheme does not apply to the production of commercials or music videos.

Projects must fulfil certain cultural and production criteria in order to receive a letter of intent for reimbursement. Once the production is completed, a final assessment of the project is made to confirm that it is still eligible for reimbursement.

Applications must be submitted to the Icelandic Film Centre before production begins in Iceland, and they can be submitted at any time of the year.